How to type German letters?


This section is similar to the section on "How to type French characters?".  But is is repeated here for completeness.


You can set charset to Unicode or Windows Codepage 1252 to type German characters.  If you choose Unicode, you can also type Vietnamese.  If you choose codepage 1252, you cannot type all Vietnamese letters.



Step 1a:

If you want to type both German and Vietnamese, set keyboard mode to "1. Auto combine (Viet)" and charset to "4. Unicode" as follows:




Step 1b

If you want to type German only, set keyboard mode to "2. Combine On Request (English)" and charset to "4. Unicode".  Note that the smart Viet Option Page is no longer active because WinVNKey knows you will not type any Vietnamese text.



Step 2.

Enable German in the left list box

Click on the word French to display a list of all German characters and how to type them in.  If any entry is listed in red color, it means the corresponding character is not available in the character set you have chosen.  You certainly see a lot of them in red if the character set is VISCII, for example. You must see no red if you have selected Unicode or Windows codepage 1252.  If you prefer a different way to type in German characters, you can redefine by clicking on the "Edit File" button.






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