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Type other languages


This article is guiding how to use WinVNKey to type more than 30 languages.


• What languages?

It is easy to type more than 30 languages (alphabetically):

-       Albanian (Albania)

-       Austrian (Austria)

-       Belgian (Belgium)

-       Canadian (Canada)

-       Croatian (Croatia)

-       Czech (Czech Republic - Czechia)

-       Danish ( Denmark)

-       Estorian (Estoria)

-       Finnish ( Finland)

-       French ( France)

-       German (Germany)

-       Hiragana (a Japanese writing system - Japan)

-       Hungarian (Hungary)

-       Irish (Iceland)

-       Italian (Italy)

-       Katakana (the simplest type in the letters written in Japanese - Japan)

-       Latvian (language of Lavia)

-       Lithuanian (Lithuania)

-       Dutch (Holland / Netherlands)

-       Norwegian (Norway)

-       Pali (the language of sacrifice, Indo-Aryan group)

-       Pinyin (Chinese word is the Latin)

-       Polish (Poland)

-       Portuguese (Portugal)

-       Romanian (Romania)

-       Russian (Russia)

-       Slovakian (Slovakia)

-       Slovenian (Slovenia)

-       Spanish (Spain)

-       Swedish (Sweden)

-       Turkish (Turkey)


• How to type other languages ?


To type other languages, we just do few steps:

a)    Run WinVNKey.

b)    From Main page of WinVNKey > Click the "Languages" tab.




c)    WinVNKey will open the page "Languages" includes two small frames: First frame have a list of 31 languages as above > we tick the language that we want > Immediately, the next frame will be displayed a table showing how to type in keyboard to have the text of the selected language.



Example: Tick the language "German", a table showing how to type in keyboard to have the text of "German" will be as follows:


-       a% → ä

-       A% → Ä

-       b|3 → ß

-       o% → ö

-       O% → Ö

-       u% → ü

-       U% → Ü


d)    We copy the above table on paper .

e)    Click "OK" button, then we look at the paper and begin typing.

f)     If we want to edit any language file, then highlight or tick the file and click "Edit File" button below > WinVNKey will open a frame "Edit Language" to change.








- Author of Vietnamese original document: Hoc Dinh Ngo

- Author of English translation: TuBinh Tran 

- Web design: TuBinh Tran