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Vietnamese Multilingual Keyboard Driver for Windows


Related Links


·       WinVNKey: Vietnamese Multilingual Keyboard Driver for Windows

-          Homepage at winvnkey.sf.net

-          Download latest keyboard drivers and VISCII/Unicode fonts

-          Discussion forum at VietUnicode


·       The TriChlor Software Group - The group that developed free software and fonts to support VISCII and Unicode on Windows, Macintosh, and Unix. You can visit this site and download software for Windows, Mac, Unix developed in the 1990's.


·       Vietnamese Standardization Working Group (Viet-Std) - The group that designed VISCII, MacVISCII, and worked closely with the Unicode Consortium on Vietnamese character encodings. This site contains official reports on VISCII character set and VIQR.


·       MacVNKey on sourceforge.net

-          Download Macintosh keyboard driver and Vietnamese VISCII fonts for use on Mac OS classic

-          Discussion forum at VietUnicode


·       VietUnicode on sourceforge.net: If you ever want to know about Unicode and Vietnamese in Unicode, this is a must-visit site for you. It contains a wealth of information on Vietnamese Unicode characters, Unicode fonts, Unicode utilities/converters, and links to many Vietnamese computing sites, mailing lists, or forums.


·       vn.net homepage: This site houses WinVNKey in the early days, Vietnamese software, and font downloads, music, geography, Viet Yellow Page, etc.


·       VietUnicode Support Forum - This forum provides many computing topics, including fonts, WinVNKey and MacVNKey, UnicodeConverter, VietPad, VietIME, etc.


·       Blog Chữ Việt Nhanh at eChip Online - This blog has many articles on application of information technology to languages, particularly Vietnamese, about WinVNKey, Vietnamese quick-writing methods, etc.


·       Quick Vietnamese (Chữ Việt Nhanh) - This site contains many articles about:

-          New method in WinVNKey for fast Vietnamese typing (in Vietnamese only)

-          Express Manual for WinVNKey (see in English or Vietnamese)

-          Download WinVNKey & Type Vietnamese (see in English or Vietnamese)

-          Multilingual features of WinVNKey (see in English or Vietnamese)

-          Special features of WinVNKey (in Vietnamese only)

-          etc.


Other links


  • Microsoft website for Vietnamese.  Probably you should upgrade Microsoft fonts on your system if it is old.
  • Download free Unicode Fonts for Romanized Viet-Pali-Sanskrit (Phạn) at Buddha Sasana
  • Download free VPS software and fonts VPS website (Vietnamese Professionals Society)
  • Download free VNI fonts from VNI website
  • Download free fonts for VISCII, VPS, VNI, ABC, DHBK, Viet Unicode, etc from PcLeHoan website. This website is very rich in Vietnamese software info. You can also find a link to this website at www.echip.com.vn
  • Download free fonts for ABC, VNI from vietkey.com
  • Download free Unicode and Vietnamese keyboard driver Unikey from sourceforge.net
  • Download free VietPad (Java-based Vietnamese Unicode editor) from sourceforge.net
  • UnicodeConverter: Homepage, download
  • Download free VietIME (cross-platform Vietnamese input method editor) from sourceforge.net
  • Vlid Co. This site contains lots of Vietnamese utilities such as VN Macros (converting Microsoft Word text from one Vietnamese font to another), VL View (viewing Vietnamese text on IE browser), VL Keys (Vietnamese keyboard driver for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000), etc.
  • Vovisoft.com. This site has many free downloads such as VietJie (Vietnamese Javascript Input Editor), VietEditor (Vietnamese Java Editor), Vietnamese Rich Text Editor, VietToUnicode converter, etc.
  • Recent Vietnamese keyboard drivers for Unix/Linux:
    • xvnkb Vietnamese keyboard driver for X-Window, supporting VISCII, VPS, TCVN3, VIQR, UTF-8
    • vnkb Vietnamese keyboard driver for text console, currently supporting TCVN3
  • Vietnamese Linux User Group (VietLUG)






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