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Vietnamese & multilingual Keyboard Driver for Windows


Latest Beta Version of WinVNKey


This page is for those that are willing to test the latest version of WinVNKey and give feedbacks to WinVNKey's author (hoc96@yahoo.com).


Click here to browse beta packages and download the latest version.


The latest version should have the highest version number as well as the most recent date and time. If you cannot see the full filename, simply put the mouse over the filename and watch the full filename at the status bar at the bottom of the browser.


You can report bugs by clicking on WinVNKey's Run button | Browse | Report Bugs. In this way WinVNKey will summarize its primary settings for you to send to the author.


Download Notes


Normally the software is released in two versions: with Han/Nom support and without Han/Nom support. If you don't need to use WinVNKey to type Han/Nom (Chinese characters and classic Vietnamese Nom characters), you should use the without-Han/Nom version because it is much smaller in size.


Each version may be available in various forms distinguished by the file suffix:


  • exe suffix: biggest size, self-extracting, supporting automatic install
  • zip suffix: compressed file, manual install
  • rar suffix: compressed file, manual install
  • 7z suffix: compressed file, smallest size, manual install


All these forms are equivalent. You need to download only one of them. The 7z form has the smallest size. If you are more concerned about the download time, choose the 7z form.


But if the download time does not matter, you should download the exe version for automatic install because it requires the least amount of work from you. You simply click on the exe file and it walks you through the install process.


But if the exe package fails to install properly (such as on some XP + SP2 systems), you should try any of the non exe package. For a zip/rar/7z package, you have to uncompress it, and then click on winnt\winvnkey.exe to run.


You can uncompress easily on Windows XP by right clicking on the file and choose the menu "Extract files". If this feature is unavailable on your Windows version, you can download any of these utilities for free at:


  • www.7-zip.org (open source, can unpack zip, rar, 7z, and others)
    This tool is recommended because it is completely free.
  • www.rarlab.com (commercial, can unpack zip, rar, 7z, and others).
    This tool is free for a 40-day trial period. After 40 days, you can still use it to unpack files but it is annoying to see a warning message every time you run it.


Possible issues when installing on top of an old version


The install process may fail without displaying any error message, irrespective of the package (exe, rar, zip). This usually happens if you have just exitted WinVNKey a few minutes ago and then begin to install the new version of WinVNKey. The reason is that the file msghook.dll is still hooked to all the processes currently running on your system. Thus this existing file cannot be overwritten because of sharing violation. If you wait long enough (30 minutes, 1 hour, ...), eventually all the processes will release msghook.dll. Once this happens, you can overwrite this file.


If you don't have patience to wait or don't want to reboot, the fastest way is to rename msghook.dll to something else. Then you can run the exe package to install in the same location as the old version, or to uncompress the zip/rar file into the same location as the old version, or copy the new file msghook.dll from another location over the old one.






- Author: Hoc Dinh Ngo

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