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WinVNKey is a free software to type Vietnamese and other languages for Windows NT/2K/XP/2003/2008/Vista.
WinVNKey supports most of the Vietnamese character set (encoding), such as: Unicode, VISCII, VNI, VPS, ABC, ... also the obsolete charsets. Besides for typing Vietnamese, we can use WinVNKey to type languages of many other countries such as: French, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Pali, Pinyin, Japanese, etc.. In particular, we can entry of Hán (chinese) or Nôm characters by typing their pronunciations in Vietnamese or Pinyin.


The outstanding advantage of WinVNKey is provided the means for users to input their own designs of typing method and macros. And the available typing methods or macros in WinVNKey are just some common types for helping users can use the keyboard driver immediately.


View screenshots of WinVNKey.


WinVNKey supports:

-       Vietnamese character set and 45 other countries’ charset. details

-       Many Vietnamese typing methods: VNI, Telex, VIQR, Microsoft, etc. details

-       Type the mark anywhere and WinVNKey will put it in place.

-       Correcting spelling for single words or compound words.

-       Type language of more than 30 countries with macros. details

-       Type Hán Nôm by Vietnamese and Pinyin pronunciations, or by the four corner index method or Canjie. details

-       Convert character case for selected text in an application. details

-       Correcting the deformation or the square-box in email. details

-       Look up Hỏi/Ngã (the Falling and Rising accent mark) in Vietnamese words. details

-       The Characters Map and Unicode typepad. details

-       Automatical re-typing the documents. details

-       Convert between Vietnamese charset (encoding) for plain text. details

-       Convert charset for RTF documents (only need knowing source font and destination font). details

-       Many types of macros to be used in any situation of shorthand typing. details

-       Type Vietnamese in Audition game and other games. details

-       Shortcut typing method Tubinhtran. details


There are also many other diverse functions. To find out these functions, when running WinVNKKey, just click the blue text (hyperlinks) related to see the detailed explanation, or see the articles about WinVNKey in Manual of WinVNKey or at the next section.


Articles about WinVNKey

-       Express Manual for WinVNKey.

-       Download WinVNKey & Type Vietnamese.

-       Multilingual function of WinVNKey.

-       Understanding the special functions of WinVNKey.

-       Typing Hán Nôm by WinVNKey. (written in Vietnamese)

-       Typing Vietnamese in game Audition.




Date 6-5-2009: WinVNKey 5.5.456, released in two separate categories:

  1. a. WinVNKey 5.5.456 for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7.
    This version runs in MS Office applications, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, pidyin, etc. on Vista or Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 (both 32-bit or 64-bit) without to turn off UAC (User Account Control) or Protected Mode.
  2. WinVNKey 5.5.456 for Windows NT/2K/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows7.


You can see details in Vietnamese or English.


Date 28-1-2008: released WinVNKey 5.5 444, with features:

-       Convert character case or character set for selected text in an application

-       Typing method: allow other key to provide letter d.

-       Macro: support new functions. Add tail macro type, process the Lazy Syllable macro in smarter way.

-       Viet Option Page: add function to change syllable, add some options "Automatically change" and "Edit syllable”.

-       Support for fast typing method Tubinhtran.



Older news

Date 9-8-2007: released WinVNKey 5.5.431, with features:

-       Recover the smart typing of syllables: ie => , ue => , uye => uyê, ye => .

-       Support ÂuViệt Macintosh encoding (supports typing method and conversion of RTF and plain text.)

-       Update database of Nôm (single word) by Mr. Sơn Thanh (Khúc Thần), provided on 8/6/2007.

-       Support databases of Buddhism Hán, including 27,364 single words and compound words. Typing by Vietnamese pronunciations (select menu: Hán).

Date 1-8-2007: released WinVNKey 5.5.429, with features:

-       Strengthen the ability to define the sign ^ for each letter: a, e, o, and the hook for each letter: o and u.

-       For the first time, this version supports typing Hán by Pinying pronunciations with accent marks are: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Date 6-8-2006: released WinVNKey 5.5.424.

Date 14-7-2006: released WinVNKey 5.5.420

Date 10-3-2006: released WinVNKey 5.2.390

Date10-2-2006: released WinVNKey 5.2.383

Date 27-10-2005: released WinVNKey 5.2.373

Date 6-10-2005: released WinVNKey 5.2.372

Date 8-3-2005: released WinVNKey 5.0 for Windows NT/2K/XP

Date 14-1-2003: released Winvnkey 4.0 beta 3 for NT/95/98/ME






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